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The usage of mushrooms for food as well as medicine is deep-rooted in most cultures since the beginning of mankind. With little work and endurance, you can grow mushrooms in your garden! Medicinal and edible mushrooms or decoratively luminescent mushrooms - a fungus is always a whitty eye-catcher. Many mushrooms contains medicinal active substances, fresh harvested fruiting bodies are very tasty. They are a valuable part of balanced nutrition.

Mushrooms are valuable part of balanced nutrition. Many mushrooms contain healthy micro nutrients, vitamins and mineral nutrients. The healthful effects of many fungi are known since ancient times and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as mushrooms are used by shamans of indigenous people in Central and South America. In western civilization, this knowledge has not yet become widespread. Learn more about the amazing world of mushrooms. (This information will be updated and expanded continuously.)



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Vital Mushroom Extract
Vital Mushroom Extract Capsules.
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Organic Dried Mushrooms
Organic Dried Vital Mushrooms.
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Vital Mushroom PowderVital Mushroom Powder.
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Outdoor SpawnOutdoor Spawn.
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Magic Truffles SclerotiaMagic Truffles / Sclerotia.
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